The 8 most anticipated RPG sequels of 2018 (P.1)

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The sequels of legendary RPG games are always one of the most anticipated things every new year. Some of those games will appear and satisfy the desires of gamers, others make us look forward to year after year. Here are 8 of the sequels that gamers are most looking forward to, and their re-appearance in 2018

8. Titan Quest 2

Titan Quest, THQ Nordic’s famous classic hack-and-slash RPG, has just added a new expansion called Ragnarok. Besides, its console remake has also been set for a release date of March 2018. Apparently, THQ Nordic hasn’t given up on this beloved game, and that inadvertently raises questions about the fate of the Titan Quest sequel. Even the existence of Titan Quest 2 is being questioned.


In fact, such questions have been asked directly to THQ Nordic, and the answers they give are still very vague. It seems that THQ Nordic is still very busy with “first child”, and has no intention of producing a second one yet. Therefore, no matter how much you expect, the possibility that Titan Quest 2 will be released this year is still very small.
Chance of re-export: Low

It’s been 3 years since the debut of Dragon Age: Inquisition, the game received a lot of positive feedback and was recognized as a remarkable progress compared to Dragon Age 2. The community has been looking forward to the next game in the series. Fortunately, this time, it was the developers who admitted that the sequel is in development. Therefore, the chance for us to get our hands on Dragon Age IV in 2018 is very high.
Chance of re-export: Very high

6. Diablo IV (or Diablo Online)
Another series that is very unlikely to have a spin-off in 2018, is Blizzard’s blockbuster. Looking back at the past of this series, Diablo III has taken 12 years since its predecessor was released to reach gamers. Currently, “only” 5 years have passed, is it too far to expect a sequel?


The answer is…really far away. It must be known that Blizzard is famous for being extremely cautious in the “re-emergence” of their beloved children. It must be known that, when it was first released, Diablo III encountered quite serious problems. And then, while Blizzard had many effective remedies, it was clear that the game still couldn’t match Diablo II, the brightest child in the Diablo family. Obviously, Blizzard is not a game company that will repeat its mistakes, so it is understandable that they will be more careful and spend more time taking care of their next child “Diablo family”.
Chance of re-export: Very low

05. The Elder Scroll VI
The Elder Scrolls VI is the game that countless people thought they would get their hands on in 2017. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. However, we all know that Bethesda always releases a game in the series TES (The Elder Scroll) every year for the past 5, 6 years. 2018 is the 7th year since the first game of the series was released, and we can completely look forward to a sequel to TES this year.​


The Elder Scroll is a game too big to be ignored or shelved. In addition, Bethesda has not released any TES games since the online version of the game was released. Therefore, the possibility of re-appearance of The Elder Scroll VI in 2018 is extremely high.
Chance of re-export: Very high

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