There is a strange “player” system: Don’t be afraid to “share” tips and tactics for yourself… your opponent???

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If anyone has ever played any game, they will feel the need to share in the gaming community. Eye-catching moments, resounding victories, questions that need to be answered are all brought to the community to “dissect” and discuss. Previously, when the Internet was not developed, gamers had to wait offline to meet face-to-face to discuss and share. Today, large-scale communities and clubs on social networks such as Zalo and Facebook have been opened, creating a playground for you to contribute ideas quickly and easily. The online game enthusiast community is becoming more diverse, enthusiastic and crowded.

Eye-catching battle moments shared in the community

In particular, in the tactical thinking game series, players tend to share more densely about how to fight, overcome, choose generals, “role-play” a person ahead, lead the way for the brothers on the other side. after. It is these honest sharing that will step by step, step by step develop a growing group of players in both quality and quality, creating the glue that binds the community.

Sharing tactics is also a way to develop the gaming community

Prominent among the thinking MMORPG titles on the market, Three Kingdoms Liet Truyen impresses with a community of players who are passionate about brain hacking, not afraid to share and discuss tactics with brothers. Hit hard on the gameplay that makes the most of super intelligence, Tam Quoc Liet Truyen not only attracts young gamers but also attracts the elderly “old people” in the strategy village.

The Three Kingdoms of Lies Truyen regularly organizes emotional sharing events to entertain players

Walking around the Three Kingdoms of Lies, it is not difficult to come across lively debates about how to use champions, share team building, battle tactics, etc. As long as they have a topic, they don’t hesitate. afraid to express emotions, extremely active debates. Most recently, when wanting to find out the preferences of players, Tam Quoc Lieu Truyen opened a survey in the community and the sharing post event was voted as the most favorite event.

The sharing post event that received the highest number of votes from players

It seems that the talented heroes of the Three Kingdoms of Liet Truyen are not afraid to share with other players, including the direct opponents in the game. For them, opponents are also friends, sharing the same passion for developing the player community. Therefore, NPH Gamota also always works hard to invest in a series of events to share feelings such as My Hero, Tam Quoc Lieu Truyen – My feelings, Royal Academy 1 2, … creating opportunities for gamers to play contribute, express enthusiasm.

If you’re looking for a brain-hacking tactical thinking game, the community of players unite, don’t be afraid to share, follow Three Kingdoms Liet Truyen right away at:

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