Razerphone becomes a real gaming laptop thanks to Project Linda

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Razerphone is a hot topic in the community when holding its position as the world’s first gaming smartphone. With the latest technology Razer Incorporated, the Razerphone has truly driven a whole new level of responsiveness to the virtual world experience on mobile. However, the company that specializes in developing products aimed at gamers does not want to stop here. Instead, they also want to push the Razerphone beyond the boundaries of a regular Mobile device. And the weapon for Razer to do that is Project Linda.


Project Linda is in fact the outer “coat” that allows the Razerphone to become a Gaming laptop true meaning. Presented at CES 2018, Project Linda allows gamers to attach their Razerphone to a dock designed similar to the Razer Blade and display standard 4K 120 Hz images on a 13.3-inch touch screen.

Regarding the power supply, Project Linda is equipped with its own battery with 200 GB of memory.. allowing gamers to not have to worry about capacity or battery drain when playing games. When plugged into Project Linda, the Razerphone’s screen will act as a Touchpad or secondary display providing information to gamers.


This is a very unique idea for “hardcore” gamers who want to experience in a more vivid and perfect way. It also opens up a whole new perspective not only for Razerphone but also for other Mobile devices.


Currently Project Linda does not have an official release date and price. All information about Razerphone and Project Linda will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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