Westworld Mobile – Game version of the brain hack movie

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When Westworld Part 2 is nearing the final episode, Werner Bros. suddenly released a spin-off game Westworld Mobile on the Android platform. Westworld Mobile recreates HBO’s sci-fi world in a somewhat similar style Fallout Shelter by Bethesda.


With Westworld Mobile, players have the right to build and control their own “park”, similar to how Ford and Arnold built WestWorld. Buildings can be built and upgraded, and “hosts” can be crafted and placed in certain storylines. Currently the game offers more than 170 hosts, each host has its own parameters, contributing to the story of the park. Notably, a lot of hosts are based on the hosts featured in the movie.


Westworld Mobile game trailer

However, the “headquarters” of Westworld Mobile not hidden in the mountains but designed underground. Setting up the function rooms of “Mesa” in the game is somewhat similar to the design of Vaults of Fallout Shelter.

Westworld Mobile officially released for free on Google Play from June 21.​

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