Decode the terrifying secrets of the Dark Souls series (P.6)

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As mentioned in the previous section, King Vendrick’s memories will also reveal Nashandra’s true identity. In fact, this king fled to the depths of his castle, not to escape responsibility or the invading Giants, but to hide from Nashandra herself, preventing her from reaching the Throne. of Wants. In fact, Nashandra is just a fragment of Manus – the Father of the Abyss, now transformed into a human.


In fact, Manus is the final Boss in the Artorias of the Abyss DLC, which tells about the events that preceded the game. Dark Souls first a very long time. At that time, Lord Gwyn had just defeated the Dragons and built the first reign of Fire. However, over time, as that fire gradually died down, a kind of darkness began to cover the kingdom of the Gods. That darkness, originated in Oolacile, a city that is now about to turn into the Abyss.​


The cause of everything, is that the people of Oolacile were deceived by a “serpent with teeth” (most likely Kaathe, the Primordial Serpent that will lead the player down the dark path in Dark Souls I). , and unearth the tomb of an Ancient Man. According to many reliable speculations, that person is most likely the 5th Lord – the father of mankind. Unearthed was not only Manus’s body, but his rage as well. With that fury he went mad, and became the Father of the Abyss, and stretched out his hand of darkness to the realm of the gods. His goal, is to swallow the First Flame.​

Many people believe that Manus is the Fifth Lord, the father of Mankind

Obviously, no matter how strong, Manus is still defeated by the protagonist in the end. However, despite his defeat, his desire for the Flame remained intact. It was that desire that awakened the remnants of Manus, and then turned them into humans. A total of 4 fragments of Manus have awakened and transformed successfully, including Nashandra, Elana, Nadalia and Alsanna. In addition to Nashandra, the other 3 incarnations are all beautiful women, and also appear next to great kings as assistants or queens of that king. The remaining 3 characters will appear in the Dark Souls II DLCs.​

The beauty of Elana, one of the three sisters of Queen Nashandra

Like her “father”, Nashandra was also engulfed by a longing for the Flame. She tries to reach the Throne of Want, but is prevented by Vendrick and his minions. Therefore, Nashandra constantly instigated the Cursed Bearer, who is also our player, to find the Throne to clear the way for her.​

Nashandra’s beauty is finally revealed

Another character who also frequently urges the main character to find the throne is the Emerald Herald. In fact, her real name is Shanalotte (Emerald Herald is just a title), a creature created by Aldia to break the curse. Shanalotte failed, but she never forgot her duty, and was always looking for a replacement. Because of that, Shanalotte is always there to help us get stronger.​


Back to the story, after many challenges, the player finally reaches the room where the Throne of Want is located. As soon as we arrive, Nashandra will also follow, and reveal his true form. Defeating Nashandra, it’s Aldia’s turn to take the stage. Aldia’s title is Scholar of the First Sin. In fact, Aldia was the first to discover Gwyn’s lie, and assumed it was the First Sin, the source of the endless cycle of light and darkness. Aldia who is also the Stranger has revealed this secret to us throughout the journey.​


Defeating Aldia, the player is once again faced with 2 choices, connect to keep the Flame burning, or walk away and let everything go dark? And of course, because the Dark Souls series still has a third part, so even if we choose to leave the Flame alone, someone else will volunteer to be “firewood” to help it continue burning. Aldia is defeated, but he will always guard next to the Throne of Want, and wait for the next Kings. The Age of Fire will continue, and will only end at the end of Dark Souls III.

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