Stunned with the ways that the giants of VLTKm show their class through “plowing” the game

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Since its launch until now, Martial Arts Mobile owns a very large community of players, and is also a place that is quite famous for the tolerance of gamers, gathering many men and women with good economic conditions.

In addition to showing their outstanding level of play with a huge amount of money loaded into the game, with the powerful vip characters always at the top of the rankings, the level of the giants VLTK Mobile It is also shown by the way they invest in their game. The proof is that many players do not hesitate to invest up to 5, 7 genuine phones, iPads or “terrible” provincial machines to plow up to dozens of accounts at once. Not only for themselves, but also “plow” for the whole state.

Typically, recently, a gamer posted on the VLTK Mobile group showing off his huge computer system that is “plowing” up to 15 accounts at the same time, causing many people to have a “flat eyes”. Even more shocking when this is a girl and not another male gamer.​


Looking at the computer “like distilled water” like this, many people guess that she is probably a streamer, or not a designer. But the truth is, neither of them are.


Configure the machine as shared by its owner:
Ddr4 64G
CPU i7 3.2Hz
MSI 1080Ti . GVA
4 SSD 480GB Raid 0-1
And especially 1Gbps Internet.​


In fact, VLTK Mobile is not uncommon for “giants” to invest in equipment to “plow” a terrible game like this. Many players then went to “show off” their dream gaming corner, making many people admire.



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