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There was a time when the game village was filled with titles shooting game group strategy, where gamers are compared with the special teams kicking the door to crack down on terrorists to rescue the hostages. The SWAT series is a prime example of that when players take command of the best police force in the world and participate in equally dangerous missions on the battlefield. Surely many of us still remember the image of the whole team standing close to both sides of the door, ready to rush in as soon as the phone calls to issue an attack order in the morning. SWAT 4 – title FPS is considered the norm of today’s group tactical shooters.


However, with a game village with so many war-themed FPS titles today, a feeling like in SWAT 4 is really a luxury. But fortunately for us, there is still a true “jewel” among those countless shooting games. Yes, the writer is talking about Ready Or Not – the group tactical FPS title has just launched the trailer is so cool that it’s crazy..

Ready Or Not game trailer.


With Ready Or Not, the player will become a member of the SWAT force or Special Weapons And Tactics, roughly translated as Special Weapons and Tactics Team. Considered the most elite units in the police force with military-grade equipment, SWAT is the answer to situations that require assertiveness and armed force. Not only possessing the most advanced weapon system, SWAT can also tactically attack targets and handle situations at lightning speed.​


Ready Or Not will accurately reflect this in the virtual world when you and your teammates, whether it’s human or machine, will have to coordinate and handle situations in the fastest way. Of course, this is not a run and shoot FPS game, but instead you must know how to behave very carefully and ensure confidentiality when approaching the target. However, once you decide to attack and step through the door that prevents you from the mission, you will have to move forward with all your strength in hand.


Help for gunfight situations, Ready Or Not for players to familiarize themselves with the mechanism of shooting behind an intuitive obstacle. There with just a single movement you can lean out of the wall to shoot back criminals. Besides, the game also allows gamers to open the door in many different ways, such as stepping straight in or opening it slowly to avoid making noise.


Ready Or Not Currently there is no more specific information but it is expected to land in the game village in the near future. All information about this tactical FPS title will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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