Compare AK47 vs Groza: which rifle shoots better in Garena Free Fire

In the current version of Free Fire shooting game then AK47 with Groza Two very popular assault rifles. So 2 Assault Rifle gun What are the advantages and disadvantages of this, let’s analyze it through the following EmergenceInGame article.

Should choose AK47 or Groza?

The basic parameters of both of these assault rifles are of the same type 7.62mm ammunition with magazine of 30 bullets.

AK47 or Groza?

In the entire title FPS game from before until now AK47 rifle Always known for its extremely high damage, incredible accuracy and range, it will become an extremely terrible weapon if it falls into the hands of people. shooters. However, it is “dumbbell” if the player is a newbie or those who often lose their temper because the recoil of the AK47 belongs to the “undisputed” category. When put in Free Fire survival shooter battleThese parameters have been tuned for us to play on mobile.

1. Long range:

In this regard, the Groza proved to be superior to the AK47, with a range of 75 versus 72.

The Groza shot far better than the AK47

2. Recoil and accuracy:

As mentioned above, AK47 is one of a kind AR gun has the highest recoil FPS game, and in Free Fire Is no exception. Because of the high recoil exact ratio If fighting at medium and short distance, AK47 cannot compare with Groza.

AK47’s accuracy is just 41 compared to Groza’s 54

Refer to the video comparing the two AK47 and Groza rifles in Free Fire:

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