GTA Online: Missions with the highest bounty

Nhiệm vụ trả tiền thưởng lớn trong GTA Online

Make money in GTA Online Not difficult if you know the right task. Here are these highest paying missions in GTA Online.

Quest to pay big bonuses in GTA Online

GTA Online

Main gameplay of GTA Online is to develop, make lots of money and use them to do everything you want in the virtual crime world. However, for Grand Theft Auto beginners, at first, the game can make it difficult for them to navigate, not yet know where to go and what to do. New GTA Online recruits often try to find a quest to pay good payoffs.

Usually, the big money thefts in GTA Online are rare. That is why you should choose a job that provides a steady stream of income. Here it is The highest paying quests in GTA Online.

The Cayo Perico mission

In theory, the deal brings the largest amount of money in GTA Online The time now is Cayo Perico Heist. You can carry out this robbery on your own, but you should ask for the help of a few friends. Discuss clearly with your friends about the bounty division to avoid future conflicts. Always perform quests with your teammates to increase your chances of success.

GTA Online missions have the highest rewards

If you have many friends playing GTA Online, the Cayo Perico robbery will be a super fun challenge for all.

Complete the Cayo Perico robbery in GTA Online, you will receive:

The money after the robbery in GTA Online

Contact mission

In essence, contact missions are often easier to perform than looting. The amount received is quite generous but largely depends on the time the job is completed. Specifically, the longer the task is completed, the more money you will receive. So, please pay attention to the stopwatch!

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Bonus received for doing Contact Mission in GTA Online

If you want to complete the communication missions in GTA Online quickly, buy an armored Kuruma. It is a great means of protection and will take you everywhere. Some other media like the Oppressor MKII or Buzzard Attack Chopper are also worth a try. Just spray fire on whatever gets in your way.

The highest paying communication missions in GTA Online include:

  • Blow Up – Simeon
  • Martin Madrazo’s Dispatch
  • Flood in the LS River- Gerald
  • Los Santos Connection-Gerald

The above is The highest paying missions in GTA Online present. If you know any other similar jobs, please share with readers offline!

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