League of Legends: Some useful tips to help you master the top lane


Top lane or top lane in League of Legends Usually considered a “solo”, 1 on 1 area. Because of that, the top generals have the ability to make huge mutations in the match. In this article, Download.vn will guide you to some tips to win the top lane, thereby gaining advantage for the team.

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League of Legends: Some useful tips to help you master the top lane

Use Teleport add-on spells properly

Teleportation is a very useful buff, that’s why it has a very long cooldown. And the top laners will most likely bring this utility spell to facilitate the grip as well as support gank / anti-gank. When using teleport you need to pay attention:

  • On the first teleport, use it at home or get killed the first time. Do not regret it, as it will help you reach level 6 more quickly, as well as at the beginning of the game there are not many fights for you to keep moving.
  • On the second use, consider ganking and keeping the lane. If you see an allied turret is under a massive attack, use teleport to defend. If the lane pushes high, use it to support your teammates.


Eye-plug in important places

Eye protection is very important to top lane champions, regardless of champion. No matter how strong you are, having a visit by the jungle early in the game is extremely dangerous. Therefore, remember to place eyes in places that the enemy team’s jungle can go through to gank you, especially when the intention is to push the high lane. And if you have more, buy a few purple eyes to destroy the enemy team’s eyes, creating conditions for your jungle to gank more comfortably.

Eye plug

Keep the soldiers from pushing too high

If you have a strong champion, you will most likely push the lane and cause the opponent to retreat deep into the turret. However, this is a double-edged sword, when it accidentally creates a space for your team to gank you at any time. And the fact that 2 vs 1, you also understand how scary it is. So try to farm to keep your minions in the mid lane. Don’t push too high if you don’t know exactly where the enemy jungle is. And remember to plug your eyes!

Use champions that are capable of countering opponents

One of the easiest ways to win top lane is to pick champions that counter your opponents. Think for a moment before deciding to pick champions, if you are not really proficient and confident. It’s as simple as the fact that a champion with long arms and% health dame like Vayne will not be afraid of the short-handed and lack of mobility in lane top like Kled, Dr. Mundo … This counter pick will help you are dominant not only in the early game but throughout the game as well.

Reasonable push, not too eager to hit the tower

If we want to push the turret, we need to make sure we have vision and can retreat if there is a dangerous situation. The push will go well if the top lane of the enemy team is gone, the jungle is busy in another lane … At that time, take advantage of the turret and save precious coins from the armor. . Note that you should not be too eager to fight and die, if you see danger, immediately retreat.

Understand the qualities of yourself and your opponent

In League of Legends, the generals are an extremely important factor. Even better than the level and the item, some champions still cannot solo the opponent. This is caused by the facies. The generals include a lot of combined stats such as the amount of damage, healing, armor, magic resistance … Overall increasing with each level will create the inherent strength of that general. If you know you, you can grasp these stats compared to your opponent, you will always be the winner in the top lane.

Wish you have fun playing the game and win in the top lane!

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