Gangplank dame “super big giant” – is one way to wipe out the enemy team is real?

We’ve had many types of team build in the past Strategy game The Truth Arena, but in the era “hyper-roll” (try to roll the generals 1 money to 3 stars fastest) raging, you can refer to the lineup Mainstream Gangplank.

The Truth Arena Gangplank

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Basic parameters of Gangplank:

  • Price: 5 gold.
  • Race: Hijack.
  • System: Exploding + Foreign soldiers.
  • Blood: 1000/1800/3240
  • Damage: 60/108 / 194.4
  • DPS: 60/108/194
  • Attack range: 1 cell
  • Speed ​​Attack: first
  • Armor: 30
  • Magic Armor: 20
  • Skills – Cannon Barrage: He calls out massive attack around the target, causing 450/600/9001 magic damage Up all enemies within the area for a duration of 2 seconds.

An elite line-up around Gangplank:

To build a formation around him Dangerous Warrior of Saltwater region This, we will have 2 main ways including:

  • Need generals The Pirate clan to accumulate money.
  • Based on these Mage General easy to accumulate big day from early time.

In option 1 then you should pack up Darius To increase power, temporarily do main damage and keep items for Gangplank after that.

The Pirate Hero pairing includes: Graves and Darius

In option 2 It’s going to be stronger theoretically, but we’ll need more energy items to match the lineup Witch.

4 Mages: Annie, TwistedFate, Ahri and Zoe

Go mid-game (around Level 6), players will build the strongest team formation based on the pieces that are rolled out Combined buff of 6 Mages and Gangplank. Ideally when you guys get enough out Pirate + Pioneering team in the foreground, namely Jayce, Darius and PoppyWith such a guard, you only need to raise 2 stars to withstand as well as cause a cc effect through this period.

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The formation is resistant, takes damage and gains coins from the hijackers.

When it was the end of the game Of course it’s time to Gangplank shine brightly. When Gangplank gets 2 stars and has 1 item, we should also sell off champions that are no longer needed.

Lineup “DreamTeam”: Gangplank – The WitchDon’t forget to add Rumble or Ziggs to activate Blast system

When you combine enough Team 6 Witches + Gangplank as above, the amount of damage caused by the guy will be extremely terrible. There were even many phases that only needed one bomb drop, and the opponent’s formation immediately went flying. However, you also need to consider carefully building a team in this style, it has the essence of “eat all, fall to 0”, because Gangplank is a 5-gold general, so it lasts a little until the end of the game. tie it up!

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