Top 5 equipment rated by players as the most useless PUBG Mobile

The equipment in the survival shooter PUBG Mobile always brings different uses, we can use those equipment to increase combat effectiveness as well as highlight personality for our characters. However, among them there will still appear equipment that you do not know what to use it for, we are nervous, anxious to go to pick up the item, but it is wasteful because it seems useless in the whole process. battle. Here are 5 items you can ignore for your heavy bag.

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The types of equipment that are not needed in PUBG Mobile

1. Gun stock

Spark arrestor

First we will talk about the stock, this is the kind of equipment that really doesn’t have any use at all. So you can skip it if you find it on the way. The stock is theoretically a tool that can control the recoil of the gun, but in practice people often do not use it, the stock can only be attached to M416 and Vector rifles, but almost only has a finishing effect. for display.

2. Quick change cartridges

R1895 shotgun

In PUBG gamers often focus on changing weapons rather than equipment, because in emergency situations we will need a weapon that can be used instead of looking for an inserted magazine. No matter how fast the pace of the match will be affected a little bit. However, you can still pick it up if it’s convenient, but skipping it shouldn’t be a problem.

3. Fuel tank

Gas tank

We move all over the map and can see cars anywhere. Cars are scattered so getting them is not too difficult to find. The effect of the whole gas tank is certainly unknown, but it seems unnecessary, you should not waste time stopping to refuel, during which time we can find more “delicious” cars. already. Even picking them up will take you a lot more space.

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4. R1895 shotgun

The cartridges change quickly

R1895 is the worst gun in the PUBG game, long shooting time, long ammo change and not high damage level is the reason you should not have it. This lousy gun is rated extremely poor, we can pick them up when we jump into a deep lake to pick up weapons. You will feel extremely bad if you encounter them and it will be difficult to get through. For best self-defense, do not ignore the pistols – easy to use – easy to find.

5. Sparks barrel


The spark barrel is one of the three types of gun barrel that is not overlooked by the player. We can detect the opponent by the sound coming from the place of the shot, not the light from the shot. That is why it is completely unnecessary for this very fierce war.

Above are 5 types of equipment that you should ignore when encountering. All of that stuff just weighs in and doesn’t have any fighting power to help you survive until the end of the war.

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