CFL Pro League season 2: Drama at the end of the season

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CFL Pro League Season 2 has come to the end of the season, but the heat that the tournament brings is still the same as the early days with countless dizzying changes. The past three days of competition 24, 25, 26 witnessed the return of a series of seeded teams, especially the high flying of BlueStar as they continued to increase the number of wins to 8.


Match day 24 witnessed BlueStar’s stable and high flying performance, they continued to have a 2 – 0 victory over AceGamer in a very convincing way in two maps against Station Ve Wave and Power Factory. Besides, Wiki Gaming has also made an impressive comeback when their working machine has been operating stably. Proof of that is the 2 – 0 victory over Robot eSports, rookie and also the seed of the tournament. The surprise happened when CB Gaming only got one point in this round and was exhausted when there was a draw and loss to HopeStar. EZ Gaming got the first victory in the 1-1 match with Freedom.

Let’s take a look at the main developments on match day 24, 25, and 26:

Match schedule on September 27 and October 1 and 2



The Pro League season 2 2018 is approaching its final stages and the drama has reached its climax. Don’t forget to watch it at 18 tonight at the official youtube channel of CrossFire Legends Please!

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