“Down” now Escape From Chernobyl – Horror survival game brings graphic storm to Mobile

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Nowadays, Mobile Game titles with terrible graphics are no longer rare, even offering the same image quality as PC/Console super products. Escape From Chernobyl is a typical example when throwing gamers into an extremely vivid virtual world space, blowing into the player’s screen the most realistic and detailed effects.

But those graphic powers don’t bring you to a world of color or scenes decorated with light.. Instead, it pushes people into the darkness of Chernobyl where bloodthirsty aliens are crawling. Search for survivors.


As the game name suggests, Escape From Chernobyl set around the infamous Chernobyl nuclear disaster that occurred in 1986. The deadly radiation released from the explosion turned an entire area up to 30 square kilometers into a dead land. Pripyat and the surrounding areas to this day are still classified as “ghost towns” when no one can live and the buildings still stand there like sleeping monsters..

Escape From Chernobyl takes place right in the moment when the nuclear disaster occurs, leading to radioactive material leaking and causing the workers working here to mutate into hungry zombies. Wanting to find a girl named Laura before escaping from here, you will have to do everything to survive in front of a herd of Zombies surrounding every corner..


Escape From Chernobyl owns an open world map for gamers to freely explore and pick up the remaining items. From these seemingly inanimate items, gamers will create for themselves countless different equipment and weapons, increasing their combat ability when going deep into the works or bases at Chernobyl. Just like a title survival game Literally, the game will require players to pay attention to many aspects of health such as blood index, radiation level or general physical strength of the character. Combined with countless alien species lurking everywhere, Escape From Chernobyl promises to become a super hardcore game on mobile.


Now Escape From Chernobyl is officially available on Mobile, ready for readers to enjoy for free horror game this by downloading the game directly here (Android):

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