Ring of Elysium – Tencent’s new product is determined to be strong with Hackers, locking Acc with the device

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Ring of Elysium is a title Battle Royale game developed by Tencent Games itself, is considered one of the heavyweights of PUBG in the future. On September 19 of this year, this game was officially released on the Steam platform. Because it is a free game, Ring of Elysium has attracted a large number of players. Unfortunately, this also means the appearance of “superheroes” using Hack tools, turning the game into a true grave of true gamers. In the comments section of the game page on Steam, it must be said that it is flooded with comments that Hack is becoming the main factor crushing this promising new product.


Receiving these feedbacks from players, the game publisher has taken ‘steel discipline’ measures to prevent this phenomenon, players who hack the game will not only have their accounts locked, but their computers will also be locked. This person will also be blacklisted. This is also known as hardware board.

The publisher said that because this game is completely free, the cost of the ‘tool hack’ is quite low, making the possibility of dirty players very high. Because of this, many players recommend that the game should charge a fee, but the company believes that if it is free, more players will be able to experience the game. On the other hand, the developer has launched strict measures to combat fraud, locking the accounts of players using the hacking tool, and blacklisting the computers of these players. After the computer is blacklisted, even if this player creates another account, he cannot access the game.


After being applied, this measure has had obvious effects, on Chinese websites such as Tieba or Weibo, many players have shared that they have seen the player’s account of the hacking tool locked, even Some of them signed up for two more Steam accounts but still couldn’t get into the game, and finally got kicked out of the net shop.

Hopefully these measures can limit the number of people cheating in the game, ensuring players can have the best experience.​

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