Survive the nuclear bomb through the super survival game

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Theme of nuclear disaster, world post-apocalypse has always been a fertile ground for game developers. The latest game that exploits this plot is 60 Seconds!the game has just launched just before Christmas for both iOS and Android platforms.


True to my name, in 60 Seconds! gamers only have exactly 60 seconds before a ball nuclear bomb explosive. Gamers need to help the character decide what to bring to the bunker in those 60 seconds. The number of items that can be brought is limited, if you bring the whole family, there will be little space for food, should you bring the dog? Or someone will only take food and drink and give up his wife and children?


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In just 60 seconds, the choice is harsh but that’s just the beginning of the story. After jumping into the bunker, the character must continue to survive in the following days, must make decisions that will directly affect his life. Sometimes, there’s only one can of soup to eat for the whole week. The interesting point is that the character can later come out of the cellar and look for food and drink.

60 Seconds! owns comic-style 2D graphics and is clearly influenced by the work of Mad Max, both movie and comic versions. The game has narrative-style content despite being in the adventure and survival genre.


GameHub download - Emergenceingame


GameHub download - Emergenceingame

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