Aquaman manipulates the shark army “cool like a god” in his own movie

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For most of us, what lies hidden in the ocean is always both scary and curious. However, finding yourself in the deep sea surrounded by terrifying creatures would be a big deal. Super hero Aquaman Of course, unlike most humans, he appeared in the vast sea with the posture of a powerful lord. This has been shown spectacularly in the official poster from the film recently released by the producer.


Right before the launch of Comic-Con International on Thursday, Warner Bros. released the first official promotional poster for the movie Aquaman Directed by James Wan.

Image depicting Arthur Curry by Jason Moma with a trident in hand, crouching on the ocean floor, and supported by a group of sea lords – sharks, whales, rays and other aquatic life. It comes with the tagline “Home is Calling”. It can be seen that the superhero looks extremely confident and strong. This is just a trailer that begins the adventure of Aquaman. More interesting things will be revealed in San Diego Comic-Con this weekend.


The above slogan refers to the return of Arthur (Aquaman), a man of two worlds, returns to the undersea kingdom of Atlantis, ruled by Aquaman’s half-brother Orm. He is the one who fights against the inhabitants of the sea’s surface. The movie is described as “a classic tale of sibling rivalry”.


Aquaman’s brother – Orm

In addition, director James Wan also sent viewers the first image of the Fisherman King character – played by actor Djimon Hounsou (who used to participate in the film). Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel) plays – the ruler of one of the seven kingdoms of Atlantis. These people would have evolved after the fall of Atlantis, becoming amphibians or reptiles, and they even had fish tails. The Fisherman King’s photo also features the Fisherman Queen (Natalia Safran) and the Princess (Sophia Forrest and a royal guard).


The first video of Aquaman will debut on Saturday in the exhibition of Warner Bros. in Comic-Con Internationalwhere the film will be introduced along with many loved and anticipated works such as: Wonder Woman 1984 and Shazam! By December 21st, Aquaman will officially debut with the participation of Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Amber Heard as Mera, Patrick Wilson as Ocean Master, Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko…


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