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Minecraft not only opens up the most creative and unique gameplay in the virtual world, but also inspires countless titles with angular graphic style to follow. Block Strike – title FPS Mobile releases that have been around for a long time, is one of them. Introducing gamers to bold gameplay FPS where gamers let loose to bombard the sky with tons of interesting modes, Block Strike is still maintaining a certain heat even after entering the age of the game village.


A look at the gameplay of Block Strike is not a simple FPS title but a complete Online product, where you will step into fiery Deathmatch or tight Zombie matches. Do not rush to despise Block Strike’s simple graphic style because this super unique FPS title still ensures the best firearm effects in Mobile..


Control of Block Strike has the same style as the FPS Online on Mobile today with the movement and firing mechanism based entirely on virtual buttons. The game also does not have an Auto-fire mode, so gamers who want to try it can rest assured that they will not be “harmed” when switching from another game to here.

A very good point of Block Strike is the sound of gunfire. Each weapon is shown by the game very realistically and vividly, allowing players to feel each solid bullet emanating from the hot gun. The recoil is therefore also described in a “steady hand”, ensuring that gamers feel the unique style of each gun.​


But the main star of Block Strike is a game mode where gamers can participate in the most popular modes of the FPS village. It can be Team Deathmatch matches with the sole goal of defeating the opposing Team, where individual skill is most appreciated. Or it could also be the Zombie mode where you always have to run around to find a high position to avoid “zombie” gamers.


Although Block Strike has been released for a long time, there are still very few gamers who know about it. Anyway, now is not too late for you to join this exciting FPS title. So what are you waiting for without joining Block Strike by download games for free directly here:


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