7 creepy legends of the game that no one knows for real

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Words are more powerful than we think. Just with a person with a rich imagination, a sentence can transform into countless different stories.. With games is no exception. With every passing day, gamers spread spooky stories about virtual world products. With the true nature of legends and rumors, these stories cannot be proven true and that is what makes us obsessed a hundred thousand times more. Therefore, in order to satisfy the thirst for thrills and curiosity of each of us, Emergenceingame.Com would like to review the 7 most haunting legend stories in the virtual world right below. But the writer would like to warn you in advance, these 7 stories carry heavy horror and demons, even creepypasta.. So consider, really consider before reading.


JVK1166z.esp – Haunted Mod

Deep inside some old hard drive out there is a Mod for the famous RPG: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. And it hides a very dark secret. At first glance JVK1166z.esp looks like a buggy Mod with heavily damaged save files. If the average person tries to activate this Mod, the computer will hang at the loading screen for exactly an hour and then automatically crash to the Desktop. However, there is a gamer who can access it and is immediately haunted by the secrets hidden deep inside JVK1166z.esp.

The gamer said that in JVK1166z.esp, all the machine characters that affect the quest line in the game are dead. It is worth mentioning that the main character does not understand for any reason that he constantly loses blood, even when standing still and not experiencing any bad effects from the outside. However, right after the main character dies just a few seconds, gamers will see a creature crawling around his body. He is almost human in appearance but moves like a real spider with arms and legs moving at the same time. At first glance, he was wearing some kind of armor, but actually the effect of the clouds was twisted in a weird way.. Although it almost only appeared after the main character died, this creature called Assassin still has can be seen from a distance, behind a wall or clinging to a ceiling. The story goes on until this player is strongly obsessed with JVK1166z.esp and for many years almost… lives in that dark and ghostly Mod.


An in-game text – A real-life murder

Pale Luna is a game developed by an unknown name from a time when the Internet was still a luxury. So the game was passed around in a small developer community in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is a product in the direction of “text-based”, ie only using text to let players interact and continue the story. It feels like Japanese visual novel games, only it has no images and graphics. Temporarily ignoring that, Pale Luna is still a product with many technical errors, typically causing the player’s computer to freeze if he chooses the wrong answer or performs it wrong. Most Pale Luna owners give up because of this, only Michael Nevins does not. Through many mistakes and 5 hours of trial and error, Michael Nevins finally made it through the screen where everyone was “dead frozen”. It should also be noted that besides the main character there is another person, which the game also takes by name, which is Pale Luna or “weak Luna”. If you choose the right action, the game will display the words “Luna weakly smiling wide”..

Luna faintly grinned.

– There’s no way.

Luna faintly grinned.

– The soil here is very soft.

Luna faintly grinned.

– Here.

At this point, Nevins took another hour to get the correct answer set to open the way forward, which is “Dig a hole – Drop gold – Fill a hole”. If you do these 3 actions correctly, the game will appear the words:


—— 40.24248 ——
—— -121.4434 ——


Soon after, with no more commands to execute, the game froze and forced the player to restart the computer. After thinking about it, Nevins discovered that these are the real-life coordinates that the anonymous developer wants to imply. The next day with all the tools he brought with him, he determined to find the location that the coordinates spoke of, hoping to have a worthy gift for himself. After discovering a dune in the exact location the game talks about, he started digging with great enthusiasm. But things soon turn around when the first thing the shovel touches is the decomposing head, which appears to be that of a little girl with blonde hair. Panicked Nevins soon alerted authorities and soon after the head was confirmed of an 11-year-old girl named Karen Paulsen, who was reported missing a year and a half ago. The police immediately searched for the creator of the game but to no avail and the rest of Karen’s body was never found.


The story begins when Polybius – an arcade game (box machine) appeared in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, USA in 1981 – a rather strange image at that time. Not only successful, Polybius is also addictive when people have to queue around the barrel machine to play. However, after a while, the Polybius players began to experience strange phenomena. There they always experience memory loss, insomnia, stress, nightmares and frequent night terrors. As if making things even more shady, the barrel machines are constantly visited by shadowy figures dressed in black, collecting something from the machine and then immediately leaving. It is rumored that they are members of a government organization that is collecting data on the player’s nervous reactions, thereby helping with secret CIA projects.

But the story and speculation didn’t stop there as it later involved a closed teen behavior change center, a real center that is still being condemned by kids. used to be there. You can read the full mystery of Polybius right here:


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