CF2L season 2 2018: Robot or CB Gaming will be crowned champion at 7pm tonight?

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After more than a month of tough online competition with more than 90 teams from all over the country participating and most recently, two very attractive semi-finals. If CB Gaming played bravely in the first semi-final, even though it was not an easy victory when overcoming difficulties in the golden round, then Robot Esports It is also no less competitive when it comes to showing the skills and qualities of the championship candidate with a 2-0 victory over the opponent to deserve to enter the final. CF2L full of blood will take place at 19 pm tonight, September 6, which will be reported live on youtube channel CrossFire Legends TELEVISION. Which team will be crowned champion? Don’t forget to watch it, gunners.


Let’s take a look at the most interesting situations of the semi-final match between Robot Esports vs Meow on September 5.

The first map chosen was Observation Deck, Robot showed that they were indeed the seed of the tournament with consecutive highlight doubles and triple kills from Baro and Diddy. Especially the position of Baro with the situation of weighing 3 and turning the situation around for the Robot team even though the bombsite was taken over. The robot actively shoots and holds people, lets the enemy plant bombs and applies the bombsite retake strategy. They finished the first round with an overwhelming score of 7 – 2. Meow immediately had some rebounds but that was not enough when they lost too deeply and had to lose the map with the score. 10 – 6.


In a day of extremely flying form from Robot, even all 5 members can shine at the right time when needed. They completely destroyed Meow in the next map against Satellite Station with a score of 10 – 5. The special feature of Robot is that they can take turns to make up for each other’s mistakes very well. In a situation where one member makes a mistake there will always be other members making up for it because their teamwork is very good. Especially in the last situation, sniper Diddy had a very good clutch even though he was holding a non-maneuvering Barrett. A situation of shaking and taking Miagi’s life helped Robot go straight to the final with a 10 – 5 victory.


At the same time, Robot Esports and CB Gaming will be the two teams that will be promoted to the Pro League season 2 2018 semi-professional tournament as a worthy reward for their efforts over the past 1 month. But before coming to the Pro League semi-professional tournament scheduled to play on September 10, the extremely dramatic BO5 final between the two to find the CF2L season 2 crown will be the focus. The final match of the CF2L season 2 2018 e-sports tournament organized by NPH VNG will be reported and commented live at 19:00 on September 6 on CrossFire Legends TV’s official youtube channel. Shooters who are passionate about shooting don’t miss the most important and dramatic match of this season!

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