Anime crazy, fans spend more than 600 million on bogus female characters

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Have you ever loved a certain character in a movie, book or game so much that you were willing to spend millions to buy related items? If you have been, you can somewhat sympathize with this guy.. someone who just spent 26,000 USD or more than 600 million VND for a character Anime.


On the picture is Rem – one of the characters of the Anime series Re: Zero. With the appearance of a housekeeper, Rem is famous among fans for her cute personality and affection for the male lead. Rem is also the reason for Twitter account Onika_Rem0202 from Japan to decorate her house with her image. The total “damage” that this fan has spent so far is about 3 million Japanese Yen, or more than 26,000 USD, a huge number showing his crazy passion.

The guy said that most of the Rem items he buys are models, pictures and pillows.. with the most expensive item being a life-size Rem model that costs 14,000 USD. We can see this fan covering his room with the image of Rem, even covering the ceiling. He also does not want to pack his passion in the room, but is also ready to show it to the outside world when he customizes his car in Rem style.

Indeed with this image, our fan makes many people overwhelmed with his passion and playability. If it were you, would you be willing to spend that amount of money on a character you love?

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