Not finishing the lawsuit with Epic Games, Apple lost trillions of dong to settle the old iPhone scandal

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When the controversy with Epic Games not yet finished, Apple continues to face another scandal related to its products. According to the BBC, Apple is making a payment of up to $ 113 million (approximately more than 2,500 billion dong) to appease accusations of deliberately reducing battery performance of models. Iphone 6, 7 and SE, the purpose is to force users to spend money to buy a newer iPhone.


Users in 33 US states have filed a lawsuit against Apple, claiming that the technology company intentionally reduced the battery life and performance of older iPhones for profit. This forces users to buy newer iPhones that the company manufactures. By the time the scandal first surfaced in March 2016, millions of users had experienced rapid battery drain on their iPhones, but coincidentally, leaks revealed that the company’s upcoming iPhone 13 had a different battery life. Super battery capacity. Later, Apple explained that the reason for the reduced battery life was due to software updates, but of course, this reason was not convincing. The company had to pay $500 million to compensate users, and in 2017, the situation happened again.

In the face of accusations from users in 33 states, Apple, although admitting battery problems of iPhone 6, 7 and SE models and agreeing to pay a compensation of $ 113 million, still completely denied all acts. wrong, that the company did not intentionally do so to extort money from users. In addition, in the settlement, the company agreed to make “honest information” about iPhone battery life on its websites, public update notes, and iPhone settings for the next three years.


Apple is no stranger to lawsuits. Currently, the lawsuit of Apple and Epic Games related to the game Fortnite It also didn’t go so well when the tech giant continued to face charges of violating Australia’s Consumer Law. The battle between the two sides continues to be tense, what the final outcome will be, let’s wait and see.

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