Art of War: Red A Tides is a super strategy game to “take over” on Android

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Art of War: Red A Tides known as a huge strategy game from China with the top 200 vs 200, first released on the Steam system and received a lot of love, it must have been a stepping stone for Hero Entertainment to cross over. mobile platform.


After last year’s success on the iOS platform, it was as a motivation for this developer to expand more and for more people to experience, keeping the previous promise, so far the game has gone into beta operation on Android. Android platform, this must be good news for a lot of gamers.


With this second mobile upgrade, many details have been simplified to match the configuration of most machines running this operating system, however, the feeling of quality can’t be lost, the game’s plot is still the same. will be a great war of 3 nations, each nation will have more than 120 generals, participating in the game you will choose 1 of 3 ethnic groups that you love and 10 armies to form an army. The remaining task of the player is to strategize to attack the enemy and win.


The game has a simple gameplay, beautiful graphics, although the map in the game is not diverse, it is so simple that it is just a straight line, but that is why it attracts many players, because it is easy to observe and you will be able to enjoy it. huownngr a terrible war because of its scale and epic killings. The game gives players a futuristic war with advanced weapons, focusing on vision and requiring thinking. With the “capture” on Android, it is not known if Art of War will create any more explosions.


Now you can register and experience by following the link below. All news about the game will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com as soon as possible.​

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