VNG Swordsman Webgame opens Alpha Test at 10:00 a.m. on April 8, 2018

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VNG with the genre of swordplay role-playing (MMORPG), set in the Qin Dynasty, tells the journey of an assassin who is on a journey to find a way to assassinate the Qin King.


The game really knows how to please gamers when building a crowded and fiery 150 vs 150 PK battlefield system, divided into 2 factions with 3 phase swaps, making the more players play, the more attracted they are. into the. At the same time, PK activities are abundant with nearly 10 activities taking place in different time frames, extremely convenient to experience. In addition, VNG Swordsman along with a series of daily tasks and diverse battlefields will create conditions for gamers to plow and hoe easily, level up quickly without spending money.

In addition, the graphics system of Swordsman VNG is also shown in an elaborate way, meticulous to every detail, superior to other games. webgame currently on the market. The most prominent is the Dark Air system when the PK battles help the weak to win strong, the beautiful and strange Soldiers and the new Mask and Spirit features appear to help the character increase most of the fighting power. Moreover, VNG Swordsman also has a lot of other features from character appearance to strengthening features such as: mounts, favorites, embarrassment, dragon souls, footprints, … not only bring giving players a sense of attractive attraction, but also effective combat items on the way.

Special Dark Qi, helping the weak win against the strong

Super beautiful Soldier

Mysterious Masquerade Mask

Realistic, sharp Riding Animals

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