The creator of Pokemon GO must pay $ 1.6 million for organizing a “spray” event

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About 20,000 people attended the festival Pokemon GO do Niantic held in July last year in California (USA). Despite the huge promotion, the event encountered many problems related to internet connection and ingame problems, leaving participants extremely disappointed. As a result, gamers joined hands to sue Niantic, on the basis of a $25 price per ticket and travel and hotel expenses. In particular, someone had to buy black market tickets on eBay for up to $ 400 after the official tickets were sold out in just a few minutes.


Currently, Niantic has agreed to pay $1,575,000 to support the costs of those attending the event. This is the company’s latest action to correct mistakes, after having offered to refund tickets, give away $100 ingame money and give away legendary level Pokémon to gamers.

More specifically, a website is expected to go live on May 25, dedicated to solving the case. Emails will be sent to each player present at the event. However, the developer also notes that only the cases where the ticket purchaser is also the person who checked-in GO Fest at the event will be paid. This is regulated to eliminate cases of fraudulent ticket sales. Additionally, anyone claiming more than $107 is required to present a receipt.


Thus, those unlucky people who lost $ 400 to buy tickets on eBay will have to suffer. In addition to the money set aside for compensation, Niantic continues to donate the remaining profits to the Illinois Bar Foundation and the Chicago Run Foundation – a nonprofit program that supports running among young people. Nearly $1.6 million is quite a lot, but it’s still just a small piece of the 1.2 billion revenue pie that Niantic raked in from 1.8 billion players.​

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