15 anonymous people who defeated Batman (P2)

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We know Batman is a martial arts master who knows most of the fighting forms in the world. For an ordinary person without superpowers, melee combat with a warrior with an extraordinary body like Batman is impossible. Even so, however, Batman still had to prostrate himself at the hands of a man. That is Lady Shiva – female warrior is considered the best martial arts master in the world. Not that many times, Shiva himself has defeated Batman and the Dark Knight himself must admit it. In fact, after Batman had his back broken by Bane, it was Shiva who became the teacher to help him regain his skills before re-fighting with the butcher. This female warrior then also taught martial arts to countless superheroes and monsters in the DC world.


Sgt. Branden

Not a villain, but Sergeant Branden – the head of Gotham Police’s SWAT force has all the elements to become an equal. While representing the law, Branden is known for his violent behavior and has been criticized by Commissioner Gordon as nothing more than a “Nazi”. That’s why he wanted to destroy Batman many times, especially in the event involving a serial killer named Hangman. Using a super powerful rifle, Branden shot Batman straight in the chest, sending him flying backwards. Without the special bulletproof armor, Batman would have had to say goodbye to his life at the hands of a corrupt policeman.


Bronze Tiger

Bronze Tiger is also right in the ranks of martial arts masters in the world and even ranks higher than Batman. After being brainwashed by Ra’s Al Ghul, Bronze Tiger was immediately dispatched to stop Batman and Batwoman. With a single kick, Bronze Tiger sent Batman flying backwards and completely paralysed. At that moment our Dark Knight watched helplessly as the assassin pulled out a knife and stabbed his comrade to death. mine.



Reaper was originally a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp and after peace this man became a monster who punished evil in very cruel ways. He often uses iron stakes to pierce teenagers who dare to commit crimes, forcing Batman to step in to stop it. Soon, however, our Dark Knight finds himself completely surpassed in combat, all thanks to the two scythes Reaper has in his hand as well as the use of dozens of guns to engage in combat. In the end, Batman failed so badly that he had to team up with his parents’ killer Joe Chill to hunt down the Reaper. in the history of Batman.


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