Gamers crushed PS5 making the online community feel sick

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As known now PS5 sold out globally, many gamers are willing to pay double the list price to get their hands on it new generation consoles by Sony. Even not so long ago on Black Friday, many players set up beds in front of GameStop stores, sleeping outside all night to win PS5. But not everyone appreciates and loves it, recently a user Reddit shocked the online community by manually destroying this hard new console.

On the Reddit forum, user cheeseinmyass has just posted a video that shattered the “dreams” of many gamers. Specifically, the male gamer put the PS5 into the crusher, because it was quite hard and big, so at first the PS5 was stuck, refused to give up, cheeseinmyass split the rest of the console and continued the destruction of the console. me. At the end of the video, it can be seen that the PS5 has been cut into many different pieces, it is difficult to imagine the original shape.​

PS5 stuck in crusher

Since there’s no explanation, we don’t know the male gamer after all destroy PS5 What is the purpose. In the comment section on Reddit, cheeseinmyass confirmed that he is not an Xbox fan like some people think, and hinted at destroying an Xbox Series X in a similar way recently.​

PS5 has turned to debris

Many Reddit users also expressed outrage at cheeseinmyass’ actions. While many people could not afford a PS5, this male gamer simply threw it in the crusher. If you don’t like it, then giving the opportunity to buy PS5 back to someone else or resell it to someone who really needs it will make much more sense at first…

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