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Bittersweet, just achieved a world record in a terrible game, but was kicked out of the guild for stealing

Before the end of August, the name Jokerd No one knows about it… But right after becoming the winner of the super product’s level race Online Games World of WarCraft Classic Upon reaching Level 60, Jokerd immediately became a star with 300,000 followers on Twitch. After that, Jokerd’s career seemed to turn to a whole new page when he was invited by Esports Method as a core member of Team. WoW.

Method’s representative said when inviting Jokerd to Team.


However, it didn’t take long for Jokerd, whose real name is Daniel Gobey, to reveal his true face. There when teaming up with other Guilds to defeat one of the strongest Bosses in the game, Jokerd showed his greed and arrogance… even ready to destroy his former reputation. . The story begins when Jokerd’s Guild called Power joins with 2 other Guilds to defeat the Boss.

With his own experience, Jokered kept the lead and soon the Boss was wiped out. However, things started to be controversial when dividing Loot. With his greed and arrogance, Jokerd ignored the Chat channel’s advice and quickly “grabbed” one more item, completely breaking the rules of Loot division after defeating the Boss of the WoW community. Indifferently holding the valuable item and running away, Jokerd’s character left his teammates behind with a shocked face. In essence, Jokerd is like stealing other people’s items.

But without stopping, Jokerd also cursed at viewers on the chat channel:


Not long after that, Jokerd began to justify his actions. Hand Streamer This action can’t be kicked out of the guild because getting such a valuable Item for his guild also helps him to advance much more than before. And indeed, Power did not kick Jokerd out of the Guild, even some members praised him to the sky.

But instead, Method – the Esports organization that just signed a contract with Jokerd, had a straight arm striker for this Streamer for the reason of violating the law on the spirit of e-sports. In essence, this is a much bigger loss than getting kicked from Power.

The next day, Method’s director continued to make the official announcement:

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