After Artifact, will Dota 2 also come to Mobile?

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Talk about Valve and Gabe Newell We are talking about the names that dominate the world PC Game village. Beside the system Steam terrorist, Valve still has it in hand Dota 2 and CSGO – two games are listed among the most played today. However with the release Artifact In the near future, this will be the first time the PC tycoon officially sets foot on Mobile.. But it seems that Valve under the leadership of Gabe Newell will not stop there.


The story begins with journalist Eli Hodapp of TouchArcade – one of the most prestigious Mobile Game sites today, invited to Valve headquarters to experience Artifact. In addition to the opportunity to get his hands on Valve’s hit game, Eli was also revealed by Gabe Newell himself that Artifact is using the Source 2 enigine, which has been successfully ported to Mobile. Not only that, Valve’s president also said that the development team was able to help Dota 2 run directly on the Tablet despite being very difficult to control.

Mr. Gabe Newell – Chairman and co-founder of Valve.

In fact, the saying “Dota 2 on Tablet” is no longer strange to the gaming community. Six years ago, Gabe Newell himself also discussed this issue when he said that his development team had run a test of Dota 2 on Mobile. But then the product gave very bad results:


Now, Gabe Newell’s “near future” has reached the 6-year mark and instead of talking about the lack of hardware power, Valve’s boss mentioned the difficulty in the control system on Mobile. This implies that Dota 2 Mobile was able to function completely normally in terms of performance, at least on the Tablet, and the main barrier right now is just the control mechanism. It is fair to say that it is also a common problem for all developers who want to bring really quality games to Mobile at the present time. With today’s hardware power, Mobile stands in a completely different position than it was 6 years ago.


Above all, by confirming that Source 2 can work on Mobile, Valve has also confirmed that every game using this Engine can be set on mobile from a technical point of view. After hearing that news, plus Valve announcing that it will return to game development.. many gamers are seeing a bright future for Mobile. But say anything, if there is any plan for a Dota 2 Mobile, Valve can only deploy it after stabilizing Artifact. Currently, this giant is expected to bring Artifact to Mobile next year.

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