Top 5 super hot games but absolutely don’t play when you have to quarantine the epidemic season

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In the context of the epidemic COVID-19 continues to spread and the situation is increasingly complicated, many companies have been forced to close or have employees work from home. Limiting going out, avoiding large gatherings, most of us just look to movies or games for entertainment. Continuously, games like PUBG or CS: GO reached record levels of players and even crashed the server due to the large number of visitors.

However, in this sensitive period, there are some titles that are best to stay away from. That’s not to say that these games are bad, some are even rated as great. But in a way, it will make your mood become much more negative and stressful during the current increasingly dangerous epidemic. So the advice here is to never play these games when you have to isolate at home.

Plague Inc.


Plague Inc. was created with only one goal in mind – to create an epidemic to wipe out all traces of humanity. Players will choose a pathogen, be it a virus, bacteria, biological weapon or zombies and slowly evolve it to spread the disease to as many people as possible. Over time, pathogens will learn to adapt to many different environments and become extremely dangerous. Once the human race perishes, the player wins, congrats!

According to the BBC, Plague Inc. is currently one of the hottest names this season, especially in China, where COVID-19 originated. However, in February the game was banned in the country for “containing illegal content.” It’s not clear what “illegal content” is here, but it is clear that with its somewhat negative nature, we should not play the game at this time.

The Last of Us


The Last of Us is one of the few pandemic game can cause extreme stress to the player. The game gives players the clearest sense of fear, insecurity, and despair in a world almost invaded by hordes of hideous undead. They are heartless and scary while humans are not much different. Set in the real world, the humans in The Last of Us are a bunch of selfish people, they will definitely buy all the food, toilet paper and let their friends survive. For those with a sensitive mentality, The Last of Us is not the game to play right now. Sorry Joel and Ellie, see you another time!

The Division


Opening of The Division, a epidemic The horrors spread by biological weapons are ravaging New York on Black Friday. With the government closed, no food or drink, the city quickly fell into chaos. Part 2 released in 2019, is set in Washington, DC where the latest expansion – Warlords of New York, which was released only a few weeks ago, brings players back to Manhattan. In all games, the player will take on the role of an agent of a self-defense strategy team called “Strategic Homeland Division” whose sole goal is to restore order to the cities ravaged by this plague.

The special thing is that many places in the game are reproduced exactly like real life prototypes. Warlords of New York recreates Lower Manhattan in a 1:1 scale that feels more real than ever. If you’re curious to know what Manhattan or Capitol Hill will be like in the face of a global pandemic, play The Division, but remember, sometimes being too real can make you feel scared.

Resident Evil 2 Remake


There is too much zombie games disgusting that the faint of heart should stay away at this point and Resident Evil 2 Remake is a particularly bad choice right now. Unlike Resident Evil 5 or 6, Resident Evil 2 is not a bomb action game. Rather than participating in fierce smoke bombs, players feel like they are locked in a stuffy room with a hideous creature that is always waiting to tear you apart.

A Plague Tale: Innocence


There’s nothing scarier than having to face a swarm of mice that easily have to be a million and a billion animals squirming around on the screen. The feeling must be called disgusting to every cell, not to mention. Later, these rats even have the ability to evolve, each one black with eyes that shine in the night. Honestly, just imagining, not playing, a young man who is afraid of mice like the writer has already got goosebumps, so don’t be foolish to touch A Plague Tale: Innocence if you have a grudge against people damn, this long tail!

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