The great gifts that the game giants give to veteran employees

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The dream of many of us is to work in the game environment, taking our personal hobbies and passions to turn into a career. Imagine being able to play but do, do but play… it always makes anyone excited. However, with many big game company In the world, if you serve them long enough, you will still receive extremely cool rewards.. If you want to know what those gifts are, you can join Emergenceingame.Com to name those companies right after. this.


As a well-known development team with a host of village legends RPG such as Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic, Mass Effect or Dragon Age, Bioware always gathers for themselves the most popular talents in the gaming industry. That is why their remuneration is also very generous.

If you serve Bioware for 5 years, you will receive a bronze statue of Varric – a very familiar character of the Dragon Age series.


If the working time is 10 years, you will have a bronze statue of Urdnot Wrex – the bunker warrior in Mass Effect.


If this number is 15 years, you will be rewarded with a female version of Commander Shepard.. the main character of the 3 Mass Effect parts and one of the most beloved figures in the gaming world.


If you reach the 20-year mark – a time that perhaps only the most elite members of Bioware possess, then you will automatically bring home an extremely terrifying High Dragon statue. All of these artifacts cannot be found anywhere on the market, making their value immeasurable.



Unlike Bioware, Sony has practical but equally splendid gifts. There, if you are a longtime employee in the Sony ranks, you will be organized by this company for a Hollywood superstar event. There, employees will be rewarded with a stay in a 5-star hotel, with delicious food and drinks and their own music band. Not only that, but Sony will also organize an event for employees to try their luck at the Casino, with the cost covered by the company from start to finish. However, the requirement to enjoy this great reward is to serve the Playstation tycoon for more than 20 years.



Compared to Bioware and Sony, perhaps Blizzard is much more aggressive in terms of working time requirements. However, the gifts they send to employees are equally good, even more attractive than the events that Sony organizes.

There, if you work in the Blizzard ranks for 2 years, you will receive a giant cup carved with the image of the “three pillars” of StarCraft, Diablo and Warcraft.


If you work for Blizzard for 5 years, you will have the right to choose one of these swords.. Arthas fans will love this.

If you serve this giant for 10 years, you will get an additional shield with the legendary Lordaeron Kingdom symbol.


If you work for 15 years, you will have an extremely valuable ring with design options.. This ring is a symbol of Blizzard’s most important employees.


However, all will have to take their hats off before the 20-year timeline with the reward of a helmet inspired by the legendary Lich King himself.


Blizzard still doesn’t have a 25-year mark yet, but many reports suggest that employees will be rewarded with a giant war hammer… It seems that Blizzard has always had a preference for weapon models in the game.

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