Top 10 “big sister” with dazzling charisma in anime/manga (P.1)

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1. Oosaki Nana (NANA)

Osaki Nana is a strong, tough, determined girl. She is willing to give up the person she loves to follow the path of singing. Her dream is to be famous in her music career. Nana is always loyal to what she likes. Nana’s childhood was quite sad and lonely. Her mother abandoned her to her grandmother when she was four years old, Nana doesn’t know who her father is. Her grandmother was too strict with her, making her life even more depressing, to the point that she decided to quit school to work when she was in high school to have money to buy things she liked instead of asking her for money. She came to Tokyo to pursue her dream with her band.

2. Black Rock Shooter (Black Rock Shooter)

Black Rock Shooter is a character from the game/anime of the same name. She is depicted with her hair tied in two, one longer than the other, and has two scars on her chest and hips. Her left eye burned with a bright blue flame. She wears black knee-high boots, a bikini top and black shorts with a light gray belt. She also wears a black hooded coat with a long back bearing a white star. She wields two weapons, a Rock Canon that can fire bullets at very high speeds, or powerful if enough force is accumulated, and a curved katana.

3. CC (Code Geass)

CC, pronounced C2, is one of the three main characters in Code Geass. CC is not her real name; she accidentally said her name to Lelouch in her sleep, but that part was cut off so the audience still didn’t know. CC is immortal, has the ability to heal any injury (it has been implied that even beheading) given enough time. She is also not aging. In addition to immortality, CC also has the ability to bestow Geass on others, an ability that is different in each person but in general it has a certain effect on the user’s mind. A Geass seal appears on her forehead each time she uses this ability, and she has a scar with a similar shape to the seal on her left chest. Her powers caught the attention of the Britannia Empire and they imprisoned her for experiments.

4. Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock is widely recognized as the most beautiful woman in the world. Boa Hancock’s charming beauty will surely make all men in the world “spray nose”. She is the only female member of the Shichibukai – Shichibukai, and is the Serpent Queen of Amazon Lily, ruling the Kuja tribe with her three sisters.


Although she is a Shichibukai, her love for Monkey D.Luffy has caused Boa Hancock to turn against the World Government many times. Although Hancock is usually pretty and calm or cute (when she is “apologetic” for her actions), when she’s angry, she looks very intimidating, her eyes widening with anger and her jaw dropping. gritted teeth, for example when Smoker almost killed Luffy. Before Hancock began to fall in love with Luffy, her eyes were always cold and emotionless partly due to the influence of her traumatic past, but when Luffy is around, her eyes become full of emotion, making her look like a ghost. girl in love.


5. Alphard Alshua (CANAAN)

Alphard Alshua is an attractive young woman who is both the leader of a terrorist organization called Snake, responsible for terrorist attacks on Shinjuku and Shanghai and the enemies of Canaan. Alphard is usually calm and focused during her attacks. She never showed any remorse for her actions, even being able to kill a man who looked like her father without showing any mercy. She doesn’t seem to care about her love life and looks down on all of her friends. But no one really knows, she has an obsessive fear in her life about what she’s committed to. She was constantly pursued by the spirit of someone she had killed; every time she turns around, Alphard Alshua can see the rest of the person’s body.

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