When the year ends, the net owner is bored to count the businessmen all morning only… 11 thousand dong

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Dampness is probably the common situation of most net goods today when we still hear every day net owners complaining on forums. The reasons are many, both subjective and objective enough. Competition in the profession is more fierce than ever when the net shop sprung up like mushrooms, while the needs and demands of the believers Game room increasing day by day. The more luxurious net shops, modern equipment, good service quality, plus reasonable prices, the more crowded. In contrast, the “grass” nets are mostly standing still, even showing signs of serious backwardness. The time of the most Tet holiday is approaching, when everyone is busy completing work, studying, and shopping, gathering places like net shops become more and more deserted than ever.


As recently, a net shop owner had to get tired of lamenting with colleagues when the whole morning “sitting flies” the revenue was only… 11 thousand dong.


Looking at a photo of a few thousand and one bills can’t help but make many people bored instead of a sluggish business scene like this. Some people advised “closed for Tet holiday, bro”, but also some encouraged the owner, “Because everyone is busy at the end of the year, they don’t have time to go online. Adults plow to earn money to spend Tet, students go to camp at the end of the year, and all kinds of year-end parties”… Hopefully this explanation is correct and the situation is only temporary during the Tet holiday so that net workers can more motivation to continue doing more business.


Although most agree that the net profession is now over, it is normal that in any industry, it is normal for one person to make a profit and the other to be sluggish. , depending on the fate or opportunity of each person. In fact, many net shops and cyber games make a lot of money from this profession. So those who intend net business Don’t take that as a pessimism either.

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