Exactly 1 Combo, pro Dragon Ball FighterZ wiped out the whole enemy team

Gamer Dragon Ball FighterZ In the world, there are more and more combos that can kill enemies instantly. However, that is not the highest realm that humans can achieve because recently a professional gamer has demonstrated his superior skills, proving that you can wipe out the entire enemy Team with a chain of links. single complete.

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Using the training system, Dominique McLean is also known by the nickname “SonicFox” – professional gamer is considered the best in Dragon Ball FighterZ today, has just performed 167 Hit combo in a row.. completely wiped out the enemy team.


Although it is not a real competition, but simply borrows Training Mode to demonstrate individual skills, we can see how difficult it is to do so. In addition to having to connect the entire attack sequence into a non-stop Combo attack, SonicFox also has to choose the right moment when the enemy “calls for help” so that the entire enemy Team appears on the screen.

You can witness SonicFox’s frantic skills right here:

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