Actually, the Nintendo Switch screen will scratch when docked

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Being too careful is truly exhausting, but if you do not keep it, the product you spend a lot of money on will risk being uncomfortable during a long period of use. “sequelae” scratches on the Nintendo Switch screen directly affect the game experience. So actually plugging the device into the output dock of the TV causing scratches on the Nintendo Switch screen? Could Nintendo’s re-design of features that go hand in hand with the machine could have such a serious effect? Let’s find out together!

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Basically, docking the dock won’t scratch your Nintendo Switch screen …

… if you are a meticulous person. The design of the machine dock has created a certain gap, not “snug” so that when attached, creates friction and causes scratches on the screen. Therefore, if you carefully place the device in the dock, light the house in a vertical direction from top to bottom, it will not affect the Nintendo Switch screen.

the Nintendo Switch screen is scratched

However, things will be different when players start using for a long time. Just bought it “Love the jade flower” But after 7 x 7 = 49 days, there will also be a day of excitement, excitement when plugging in the charger or want to play TV and vigorously placing a small angle, the Nintendo Switch screen will immediately create a small scratch. Gradually and with a lot of use, the scratches become more and more annoying when you are playing games in handheld and tablet mode while using the screen.

Is there any solution to prevent Nintendo Switch screen scratches?

There are many solutions, in which the simplest one is you screen protector for the machine with stickers regardless (strength or adhesive is fine). Many gamers are concerned about the problem of finishing pasting “insensitive” the screen, however, is not necessary because the capacitive touch technology is not affected by the screen protector.

screen stickers for Nintendo Switch to protect the device from scratches when docking

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When you stick a screen protector, the patch is responsible for the scratches of your Nintendo Switch screen. nShop has heard the explanation of some customers about the strengthened adhesive will make the machine “thicken up” and docking more easily scratched (scratches and scratches on the back of the device) But in fact the plastic back cover will be harder to scratch than touch screens.

Not to mention the problem here is that the thickness of the patch is so small that it will almost not affect. However, if you are worried, you can add more super thin bumb bumper case or attached skin paste solution for machine back.

Some other anti-scratch Nintendo Switch screen solutions you can refer to

In addition to the basic solution, which is to paste the screen, there are also many other options for your reference such as:

Solution 3 is quite interesting due to some thought foreign gamers There are not many Nintendo Switch accessories to support when the new player is in production. However, this way is a bit annoying that this protective layer is easy “slip off” If your design is not sure. You can refer to the images below to check it out:

Screen Protector solution for Switch machine

Nintendo Switch dock protection

Hope this article will be helpful to you in protecting your device. Keep in mind that the Nintendo Switch screen is the most important thing you need to protect in the first place. When the touchpad is scratched on the outside it will greatly affect your gaming experience in handheld and tablet mode. Furthermore, replacing the touch screen Nintendo Switch is quite complicated and needs to be removed!

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