5 things PUBG must do right away if you don’t want to die prematurely

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds still maintaining a crazy heat, reflected in the number of 1.3 million online gamers at the same time – which is an unprecedented record on Steam. But say whatever you say PUBG The game is still in Early Access, so the game is still unstable and doesn’t have enough features to be a truly perfect product. So Emergenceingame.Com would like to point out 5 things that PUBG must do right away if you don’t want your heat to be relieved..


With PUBG being a game that is still in the Early Access process, that is, it is still at the stage of continued development and perfection.. The stage of optimizing the game with PC hardware devices has not been done yet. The latest Update is starting to focus on solving this by allowing low-end PCs to play games smoother than before. However, the work that the developer needs to do is still a lot because the game still runs unstable in some cases, even gamers sometimes just need to Alt-Tab outside the Desktop to be “strange” between some. Therefore Bluehole will have to optimize the game before its official release in the future.



The PUBG map is being added by the developer with different weather effects that have a direct impact on gamers’ chances of winning. The most typical is the effect of rain and fog with strong limitations on the player’s ability to observe and listen. Not many times because of the sound of the rain falling, the player was poked behind or because of the fog, but could not recognize the enemy behind. But that’s why the game will push the tension many times over, creating a unique atmosphere in the gunfights.

A screenshot of PUBG was “modified” by fans.

So what if the game’s map has a night mode? What if the gamer’s surroundings are only black and must have night vision goggles to be able to observe? If this mode can be added, the heat and stress of PUBG will be pushed up countless times. Imagine the image of you alone groping in the dark and from where the footsteps sounded right next to it… it will make your brain more tense than the strings.


Melee Mode

PUBG has several forms of melee weapons and the infamous frying pan is a prime example. However, as soon as gamers have guns in hand, the role of those weapons is immediately disregarded. The only exception is the frying pan when it acts as partial protection behind the player’s back. Therefore, PUBG can completely develop its own mode with only melee weapons, where gamers will have to plunge into direct combat phase 5 to 5 defeat. If there is this mode, the game will have a true survival element.. without any modern weapon technology that can help players survive the enemy.



How many times have you felt insanely angry when you tried to move carefully and still get shot? How many times have you felt that your position is absolutely safe, where did a Sniper bullet go off your head? And surely you will find it even more frustrating when you cannot know how the enemy can detect you. All of these problems lead to a single question: How can we develop our skills, how can we learn from our mistakes without knowing where the mistakes come from?


Therefore, developing the Killcam mechanism is something that developers should do with PUBG. Of course, it will have to be tweaked a lot to ensure fairness in the game. For example, Killcam is only replayed after the match is over, showing players how they died and can learn from the next matches. Obviously, this mechanism can’t work right after the player dies, simply because the player will most likely announce the exact location of the enemy Team to his teammates – something that will cause an imbalance in the game.

Sound direction

The ability to direct noise in PUBG is as important as the ability to locate enemies on the screen because it allows you to know the direction of the enemy’s attack before you even see them. PUBG has done this quite well when the sound of gunfire will have many different effects to let gamers detect the source and know where the bullet is far or near. But it’s still not perfect, and many times gamers are still confused with the position of the gunfire, making it inaccurate to hide behind obstacles. So Bluehole needs to invest more in the sound of gunfire, allowing it to show more clearly and accurately… thereby allowing players to avoid random deaths in the game.


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