Warn Net Shop owners to beware of new scams

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So far, in the community of people net business is no stranger to all kinds of scams and frauds from employees, customers to professional scammers. It is undeniable that there are more and more sophisticated and methodical tricks that make people in the profession have to struggle a lot, because just being negligent, not sober will immediately receive “the fruit” bitter”.


As recently, a net shop owner I have shared about the case I just encountered to warn other colleagues. Specifically, according to the story, this owner received a phone call from a strange number claiming to be outside the fire department, saying that there will be a fire training session for the owner on the 21st and 22nd in the near future. net roomIn a few days, someone will send an invitation letter. Coincidence to that day, master net shop This person received a phone call from the postal worker saying he had ordered the book, if he took it, someone would bring it, but in fact the owner did not order anything. After that, it was still the first strange number to call to ask if there were some comrades who came to the house to send the invitation letter, why did you refuse, if you could take it and send it back. But just a few minutes later, the post office worker called to deliver the book. Chaining this coincidence and recalling a similar case was warned on TV, the new owner discovered that the strange number claiming to be the person of the other fire police department was just a fake for the purpose of fraud. .


Under the comments section, many other net shop owners shared that they had encountered the same situation as above. Indeed, scammers always have all sorts of tricks to hit the right psychology of the target they are aiming for. As one shop owner shared, “There was a girl who told something in the room, she said that each business must buy a book on handling administrative violations in the business or else will be fined, another guy said as if very supportive of the new boss, who has just demolished the nest”…


This is also a warning for net business households, should be careful before such unfounded and ambiguous notices or directives to avoid unwanted damage!​

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