Marvel Realm of Champions – New superhero game officially revealed

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Superheroes of Marvel always has a certain place in the hearts of fans, which is why game developers do not miss the opportunity to exploit these superhero-related games. Marvel Realm of Champions is a superhero game that intertwines strategy with a series of Game of Thrones-style alliances. Title mobile games This was revealed today by Marvel and the developer Kabam at New York Comic Con.​


Previously, Kabam developed Contest Champions – a Marvel fighting game on the mobile platform, the game was adapted from the original comic of the same name, where superheroes confront and fight each other. Realm of Champions will be a game RPG Real-time plot revolves around the plot of Secret Wars comics, set on the planet Battleworld.​

Players will be linked to one of the ‘houses’ built based on a superhero, including House of Iron for Iron Man, Spider-Guide for Spider-Man, Patriot Garrison for Captain America, Pyramid X for X -Men and the rest. Once ‘home’ is selected, the player will customize their superhero and engage in player vs environment or player vs player battles.​

Superheroes in the game have the power to be modeled after the original character, besides adding some new elements. For example, players can own high-tech weapons from Stark Technologies. or the magic of the Asgardians…​


Kabam said the game will focus on forging diplomatic alliances as well as using the character’s abilities in strategies that are more than just fighting. Currently, the developer has not announced the official launch time of the game, the details about Marvel Realm of Champions will be revealed in the near future.​

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