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Will Marvel Add New “Superhero Squad” In addition to Avengers?

Avengers Infinity War in particular and the movies Marvel in general are showing their overwhelming power on the superhero movie front. The great success in terms of expertise and huge global revenue is a prime example of that huge force of Marvel. But maybe Disney Just like Marvel won’t stop with their own Avengers because there are still countless storylines and other characters that are equally attractive.


Accordingly, in the latest meeting, the CEO of Disney is Mr Bob Iger To share:


This statement means that Disney and Marvel will take their cinematic worlds further and beyond the Avengers. With a rich comic book history and countless different “empires”, it’s no wonder that Marvel can cinematicize yet another Superhero Squad for fans. Indeed, in addition to the Avengers, Marvel also owns quite famous Squads with equally attractive storylines.


A few good examples of these Rangers are the Midnight Sons, including the Ghost Riders, Blades or even later on. Doctor Strange as Etertals – A powerful race that is from Earth and shares the same blood as Thanos. On top of that, with Disney buying a majority stake in FOX X-Men could be added to this list.

As for Avengers alone, the CEO also revealed that there will be another Avengers movie later Avengers 4 almost certainly thanks to the popularity and success of Avengers Infinity War. All relevant information will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.​

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