The Pascals Wager – Graphic monster brings super hardcore gameplay to Mobile

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Mobile is always used to casual games that are easy to play and easy to fight with convenient style that takes no time. However, because of that, gamers inadvertently lose the authentic experiences in the virtual world, the challenges and the motivation to go deeper into the game world. However with The Pascals WagerYou can completely forget about that.


Going in the direction of versions Dark Souls Popular on PC/Console, The Pascals Wager focuses on combat with crazy difficulty and a top-notch graphics on Mobile. With a completely new style, The Pascals Wager will definitely make gamers sweat while playing but also burst with joy when they win.


Of course, compared to Dark Souls, the difficulty of The Pascals Wager is still considered to be lower.. but if placed with the common ground of the Mobile platform, the game will bring great challenges. The combat mechanism of The Pascals Wager relies entirely on the main character’s ability to avoid attacks and counterattacks. To do this, the player must align correctly, otherwise he will take enough damage and after only a few hits, the character will be beautifully buried under the enemy’s blade.

The Pascals Wager game trailer.

Not only that, you also have to pay attention to the character’s strength bar because each attack or defense costs a certain amount of stamina. If you try to spam the attack button without thinking about it, the player will push the character into the “tiger… tiger” position, unable to advance nor back. However, contrary to the extremely hardcore gameplay mechanics, The Pascals Wager attractive to gamers through extremely beautiful graphics with extremely detailed character models and the most polished 3D effects today on Mobile. With the harmony between the challenge in the gameplay and the beauty in the graphics, this is definitely a game you cannot ignore.

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