Zgirl 2: Last One – When the addictive game Last Day on Earth has a style… Anime

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Category survival game Zombie is no longer a stranger on Mobile, but with the success of Last Day on Earth A new life for this series has been rekindled. Possessing an intuitive perspective, elaborate gameplay with an attractive crafting system and survival challenge, Last Day on Earth really created a storm on Mobile in recent times.


It was the same storm that paved the way for countless post-births to follow and Zgirl 2: Last One is one of them. Also challenging to survive in a world full of undead zombies, also an overhead view with an in-depth crafting system.. but Zgirl 2 lets gamers admire everything through a standard graphic style. Anime.


Similar to Last Day on Earth, Zgirl 2 has no opening or introduction.. simply throws gamers into a dead land and leaves them to keep their lives at all costs. However, soon you will get used to the pace of the game, starting with picking up and looting everything you can. Gradually you begin to possess tools such as axes or pickaxes for cutting trees or mining stones, allowing the construction of houses and many essential furniture.


Zgirl 2 is also separated into small areas on the map, allowing gamers to explore the world around and confront new dangers. The game has more anime-style graphics and a brighter background than Last Day on Earth. So if you want to change the wind with the survival genre Zgirl 2: Last One is definitely the first choice for you.

Readers can enjoy for free Zgirl 2: Last One by downloading the game for free directly here:

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