Die laughing with a series of caricatures of what goes on in the heads of the “Drama Saints”

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Life is full of surprises and, of course, fears. Especially for people with a rich imagination, they will always come up with the worst case scenario. In fact, there are many people who suffer from such “fear of the wind”. They often imagine they will encounter tragedies falling from the sky like in dramas. Just walking out into the street, going to school or even going to bed, imagine a whole scenario of drama, action, disaster in your head.

Recently, a Japanese artist drew a series of short cartoons titled “Harassment Paranoia”. In it, it tells about the daily fantasies of the faint of heart, or afraid. They always lived in a state like an ancient emperor, day by day afraid of being assassinated by assassins at any time. After these images were posted, they attracted great attention from the Japanese online community and many other countries. Many people express their deep sympathy because every day they have to read news of terrorism, murder, suicide… in the press and fear that they may be the next.

If you take the elevator, you will be afraid of the ladder falling

Driving on the road is afraid that the car will lose its brakes or the steering wheel will suddenly not work


I’m so afraid of changing to the subway, I’m worried that the train door will suddenly break


The train had just arrived when someone behind pushed it onto the tracks

However, the main purpose of the author when drawing this series of satirical pictures, besides the purpose of humor, bringing laughter to viewers, is also to remind people to comfortably live their lives. If you keep thinking “everything around can harm me” will make you always live in the shackles of fear. It is good to be careful and always be on the lookout for risks. But don’t make things too much to forget the happy surprises that life brings.

Getting on the cable car is also afraid that the cabin will fall out of the cable


Standing on a high-rise building, imagine that this building suddenly collapsed


At night, I don’t dare to close my eyes to go to sleep, for fear that I may never wake up again

[​IMG]What if you get on a plane and still worry about the air pressure breaking the windows?

[​IMG]Imagine when you take a bath there will be a ghost standing behind you

[​IMG]Driving behind a truck is also afraid that the rope will break…


That guy is sneaky, does he want to assassinate himself?

Has anyone poisoned this water bottle?

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