GTA: San Andreas reveals PUBG version through a very weird Mod

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Fever PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is making the community more crazy than ever when a series of hot information reaches the community. Just yesterday, gamers had to riot at the reveal of the dirty session PUBG Mobile, today GTA fans were overwhelmed when the PUBG storm just swept through CJ’s hometown.


Yes, that’s exactly it, you didn’t get it wrong.. GTA: San Andreas – one of the monuments of the famous GTA series, now has an authentic PUBG version. Made by fans, GTA: San Andreas has now become a true multiplayer game with typical Battle Royale style where 100 players compete to be the last survivor.


In fact, San Andreas owns not only one but two famous PUBG Mods based on 2 server systems maintained by fans. Name SAMP (San Andreas Multiplayer) and MTA (Multi Theft Auto) choose and enjoy PUBG under the image of GTA: San Andreas. Of course, these 2 Mods are completely free, allowing gamers to freely download and even tweak them to their liking.


Once entering these 2 Mod versions, gamers will feel the true values ​​of PUBG, such as the system of inventory, weapons, equipment, stats ..etc. The items in the game are also hierarchical as in PUBG with helmet divided into 3 different Levels. Not only that GTA: San Andreas PUBG also has a full vehicle system, which is taken from the original game … creating a perfect combination between two seemingly unrelated names.

In terms of the number of gamers, 2 Servers serving these 2 Mods, although not comparable to PUBG or Fortnite, still achieved 400 players participating in the same time. This number is more than enough for those who want to find an online match and enjoy the old – new taste in GTA: San Andreas PUBG.

Readers can download these 2 Mod versions (the original game is not included, so you have to install it) GTA: San Andreas in advance) for free directly here:

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