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Korea is never short of games with quality graphics and unique gameplay, especially on the Mobile platform.. Returners – the newest rookie of Nexon, is a prime example of them. Unlike most titles RPG On the market, Returners brings gamers a fiery gameplay style interwoven with extremely cunning tactical calculations in the middle of a real-time battle.


There, players will be able to command prominent heroes in human history, make plans to attack directly on the enemy team and activate skill sets with terrorist power on the screen. The game has only been released for testing in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the Philippines.. but Emergenceingame.Com has in hand an alternative game download addresshelp readers enjoy by Download Returners for free right now.


Returners takes gamers to a fantasy medieval setting where an evil force from ancient times has been revived, threatening to destroy the entire world. To face this calamity, humans have no choice but to summon the most powerful heroes in history.. bring them to the present time and fight against the evil army of the other force. This plot context is the reason for gamers to take control of a team of 5 Heroes with each person coming from a different culture and period. Divided into Warrior, Shield, Gunner and Mage classes.. These Heroes will take on a certain role on the battlefield, requiring gamers to calculate to use their full abilities.


Indeed, Returners does not apply a turn-based mechanism, but all combat scenes take place in real time and require gamers to be very sensitive to the situation. The game provides players with a battle command system that allows you to command the Hero to prioritize which target to attack first. It sounds simple, but with the enemy being also arranged in many types of formations and types of soldiers, just choose one wrong step and you will have to see the Hero fall on the battlefield. Therefore, the tactical nature of Returners is placed much more heavily than other games, giving gamers the feeling that they are a true champion.

Enough said, it’s time to start downloading Returners (Android) – Nexon’s super quality game is free right here. The iOS version will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers shortly. Link to download the game (installation file):

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