Dead Matter – Zombie survival game with a large map… 400 square kilometers

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The image of a single body traveling among abandoned urban areas, deserted forests, trying to gather food and water while having to flee from the zombies that are hungry for human flesh and blood, really brings to a great feeling for gamers. Dead Matter – the new game in the hands of the development team Quantum Integrity Software, is the one who has the ambition to reproduce exactly that experience.


In fact, Dead Matter is not a complete game, but in fact a Mod based on the FPS masterpiece Crysis 2. But now after many years have passed, the gamers who created Dead Matter want to turn their product into a real game. With a survival gameplay with a Zombie theme, Dead Matter will let gamers freely explore an extremely large world with an area of ​​​​up to 400 square kilometers..

Dead Matter game trailer.

Not only possessing an extremely large area, Dead Matter also allows you to freely customize the character’s appearance and weapon system. Anything you pick up along the way can combine to become a new function. For example, wrapping a barbed wire around a baseball bat, attaching dynamite to a watch or tying a dagger to a gun.. all are limited only by your imagination.


Not only the weapon system, but the vehicle mechanism also allows gamers to customize freely with the ability to dismantle the smallest parts. This mechanism gives players the right to upgrade and build a true mobile fortress, ready to face any challenge in the Zombie world out there.. In parallel, each house you meet can be repaired. changed and reinforced to prevent any living or dead people from entering. In short, Dead Matter wants gamers to be able to satisfy all their imaginations and do whatever they want.


Presently Dead Matter is running a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. If interested readers can visit the address:

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