Choice – The extreme harshness of the virtual world and real life

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Have you ever turned around and wondered if the choices you made were right? Did it help lead you to this end? And if you choose another path, is life smiling or mocking you right now? You cannot know…

You cannot know, because the choices that a person faces in life are not simply black and white with extremes of good and bad. They are opaque under the eyes, puzzling through the ears, calculating more truth through the human brain. People take all those forms to decide which way they go, but in the end… looking back they still can’t be sure what was right…because maybe, seemingly wrong choices lead to good outcomes, and choices people still think are naturally good, the future may come back to haunt them.


That grimness haunts us throughout our lives and perhaps it is only when we close our eyes, when we look back on all the journey that has just exhausted our energy, that we know what we did right, what to do. wrong.. feel satisfied or buried in regret.

The virtual world is also a dim mirror that reflects somewhat from that real life, where the games push us to countless turns… to choices that the tormented mind cannot know better. . Role-playing and adventure must be the place where more than those images appear, causing many people to hesitate, regret, regret…

…. Take a look at The Walking Dead, a post-apocalyptic world where the survivors are scarier than the undead, where sometimes a simple initial choice can decide the person. lose people later. Then you will involuntarily turn your head around, wondering why did I do that?

…. Look at Shadowrun Returns, a chaotic society with intrigue that can breathe in the air, where people live only for the material and the nominal, where the path you choose will turn the page. books are hidden in their own souls. There you can hold a gun and be ready to finish off the guilty person with the vengeance of an angel of death… But you can also let go, let it all out with a sigh, show him compassion. because you know what’s lost can’t be regained, because you know one more death can’t be exchanged for peace for anyone..

There will never be a straight road, never..

It is said that the way we live shows our inner soul. That’s why games, movies, books, music, or any other form. Many people would find that argument too forced, too forced, too lame. How can you compare the trifles of the imagination, born to entertain people… with a complicated life with sadness, happiness, ups and downs out there?!

But look back. Think again. Because they are not the products of human hands, they are the thoughts and life experiences that the creators send. Of course they can’t tell life perfectly, but they still implant in anyone’s mind the idea of ​​the perverse and grim that choices still tease before our eyes.


But sometimes we think.. throwing everything into the virtual world like that will help people? A way out? Or is it simply a puzzle with no solution, a book with no end, a coma that can’t be woken up but can’t die?

Perhaps in front of the endless cycle that is forever turning until we close our eyes, sometimes we just give up with the freedom of the virtual world, not caring about the results, not caring about life, not caring about the results. social distinction between good and bad. Do what you want, what you feel is right, for those you love to have happiness and joy. Maybe then, we won’t have any regrets..

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