Fans are excited because finally Gosho Aoyama is willing to bring Conan back?

At the end of last year (2017), when fans were not happy for the author reveal the identity of the boss of the black organization then you have to receive the information Conan continues to be “frozen” indefinitely. In spite of Gosho Aoyama Confessed that due to the heavy pressure of work that drained his inspiration, he needed a break to recover. However, the fans “exploded” that the author was probably just too addicted to playing games to want to take a break. However, everyone still hopes the author stays healthy and comes back soon. Perhaps Gosho Aoyama also doesn’t want to betray the trust of his fans, so someone recently saw him participating in a publishing event. So the news that readers were about to be able to meet again Conan.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

According to information a fan posted on Twitter, this person attended a ceremony to celebrate the work of manga artist Takahashi Rumiko (author 1/2 Ranma) and Gosho Aoyama released 200 million copies. At the ceremony, author Gosho Aoyama shared that currently the draft of the next volume of Conan finished drawing last week. Author Takahashi Rumiko’s side will also publish a new part in the magazine Weekly Shounen Sunday.


However, it is worth noting that in a short time, this account quickly deleted the above shared status line, making many people doubt that the information about Conan is untrue. Moreover, based on Gosho Aoyama’s previous “holidays”, it can be seen that there is a rather long period of time between episodes that the author has “disappeared” without any news. So, when the author has officially written the letter to ask for leave, it will definitely be really needing a long time to rest. Since the author announced the long-term break until now, less than 3 months have passed, long-time fans of Conan have all understood the author too well, so everyone is prepared to say goodbye to their favorite series for a long time. As for the news being released, fans left comments like: “Definitely just fake news, or maybe it’s a trick to attract viewers because Movie 22 coming soon” nice “If Conan really comes back, I feel much faster than I imagined. I thought I had to wait at least half a year”.


This announcement made many readers feel disappointed, but everyone is still calmly waiting for the day Conan really come back, because this is a favorite detective work that has accompanied everyone for more than 2 decades. Not only that, the fans are still extremely curious about the detailed developments of the story after the Boss was revealed. During the “holiday”, the audience can still be seen Conan on screen through Movie 22: Zero’s Enforcer Released on April 13th.


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