Which group of gamers do you belong to in Dota 2?

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Dota 2 gamers can be divided into many different groups. In a match, we can meet stubborn people who never listen. Sometimes, you encounter toxic, aggressive people. But sometimes, happy, sociable people appear in the team. Today we will find out how many groups of gamers there are in pub Dota 2.


Feeders can appear anywhere. “Feeders” are gamers who “give their lives” to the opposing team, giving them experience and free gold. However, the feed can be unintentional or intentional. In the first case, players can “feed” the opponent accidentally due to lack of experience in Dota 2. This happens a lot in pubs as well as low ranks. In the second case, the feed occurs when the Feeder refuses to communicate, plays poorly or is toxic.


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Don’t be too surprised when Dota 2 owns the most toxic community in the gaming world. It’s 100% certain that you’ve encountered such ingredients in Dota 2. No matter how good you are at the game, or if you don’t fulfill your role, a toxic gamer will always find a way to complain to you. So what is Toxic? The word toxic means harmful. Such people will create a “unique” atmosphere in the game and make everyone lose fun.


In Dota 2, since there is no normal tutorial integration like other games, we can often encounter new people in the pub. These are the gamers who don’t deserve to be scolded for playing badly because they themselves are trying to get used to Dota 2. From there, we born the role of Teacher/Teacher in the game, but it must be said that this group is rarely encountered in the game. battle. These are the people who are always ready to support newcomers, give advice so they can immerse themselves in the world of Dota 2.


Captain – this is a group of people you rarely see, but when you play together, they will make you feel comfortable, even if you lose the game. They made smart ‘calls’, managed the squad even though they had never played together before. Such people deserve respect, because Dota 2 is increasingly emphasizing teamwork, and it will be difficult to play perfectly without a leader in the team.


This is a normal pub gamer or usually at a low rank. They install Dota 2 for entertainment as the main thing. Win or lose doesn’t matter.


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Smoking not only affects health, but also affects 9 other players. These are the guys who go into the game to make a cigarette, so both teams have to wait for him to finish smoking (thankfully Dota 2 o’clock doesn’t allow pauses at the beginning of the game anymore). However, these guys can still pause mid-game and go out for a cigarette.


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Dota 2 is a team game, and communication is often the key to success. Silent players can appear in nearly any game. This is a group of people who are not aggressive, do not break the game, but they are always silent and sometimes literally ‘play alone’, do not respond to anyone.


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Smurf is one of Dota 2’s problems. Although Valve has tried to fix it, the results have not changed. Even the new Overwatch system doesn’t reduce the number of smurfs in the game. Smurf are good players but use low rank accounts to pull rank or simply to practice noob. Basically, they are very toxic and do not respect anyone with a lower level than them.

Acc Buyer

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This group is similar to Smurf, because Acc Buyers often use Smurf’s services. This group often appears in rank. These are easily recognizable signs: they almost don’t know how to play, make unbelievable mistakes at that rank, and at the same time have a huge inventory of expensive skins.


This is the group of people who always go to the jungle no matter what the game situation is: farming from the first minute. Even if the world collapsed in the game, they wouldn’t leave the jungle until they reached the 6th item in their inventory. And then, maybe the team’s Ancient was already broken.

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