Dota 2: Is carrying a spell really possible?

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When talking about “carry position 1”, most of us usually think of heroes like Phantom Assassin: hand-to-hand combat and late game with huge physical damage. Others think of heroes like Outworld Destroyer or, depending on the patch, Silencer for pure damage. However, it’s rare for players to think about lane carry like Leshrac or Pugna and this will be today’s topic.

Facing Reality

We’re not talking about late-game magic damage potential without mentioning the topic of Armor. With 20 patches, from 7.07 to 7.27, the armor mechanics changed dramatically, but in the end it was back to the same old days: each armor point increased by 6% EHP (effective HP) for physical damage, but now you gain one armor for every 6 agility instead of 7 agility.

This seems like a very small change, but towards the end of the game it has a huge impact on armor value. For example, Terrorblade has Agility increased per level from 3.2 to 4.4 (nerf to 4.4, but recently, 4.8).

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Speaking of armor only, Terrorblade level 25 late game without items will increase from 14 armor in the old days to nearly 29 armor now (85% EHP before physical damage compared to 175% EHP). This difference is even more obvious when Terrorblade full slot on items plus agility. Therefore, dealing physical damage to the late game TB is a very headache problem.


Whether armor is over-buffed, especially against some heroes, is a topic to think about, but we still have another solution worth considering given a recent change: spell amplification. magic damage). While the effects of spell amps aren’t immediately apparent, they contribute significantly to the amount of damage dealt, even in the later stages of the game.

Since magic resistance is roughly constant, while armor increases over time in the game, it’s not surprising that when attacking the same target, magic heroes usually deal more “DPS damage” than physical heroes. This is at least true when the target is carry agility.

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From my test, heroes like Leshrac and Pugna with Kaya and Sange, when attacking a target with 40 armor, deals no less damage than Phantom Assassin full slot (PA: Power Treads, Battlefury, Desolator , BKB, Skadi and Satanic). Specifically, the amount of damage can be slightly higher than PA when Pugna uses Decrepify or Leshrac uses Nihilism, that is not counting Veil of Discord.


Black King Bar is the iconic item of Dota 2 and the whole meta has always revolved around it. Valve tries to remedy this by releasing Status Resistance. However, after a period of testing, it can be seen that it cannot defeat the unrivaled Spell Immunity. For most core heroes, this is the second or third item in the game.

From there we see the problem of magic heroes. Although Spell Immunity does not add 100% magic resistance, most magic damage effects do not penetrate BKB and this is an extremely effective way to counter magic damage bursts.

Ghost Sceptre or other forms of Ethereal Form can be seen as a BKB version used against physical damage. Of course, Ethereal Form does not give the holder Immunity against negative effects, but it is much cheaper than BKB.

In addition, there are other ways to make DPS magic at the end of the game, but the amount of magic damage caused does not need to invest much in items, so DPS magic heroes can get more auxiliary items, increasing their survivability. Currently, the game is very balanced between magic damage and physical damage as well as their interactions.

Therefore, the article believes that players can open the way to play magic cores at the end of the game. They can be more difficult to deploy effectively, as well as more complex in gameplay and build, compared to physical hand-to-hand cores, but this group’s peak potential is terrifying, even for physical carries. Most healthy.

So what do you think of the magic cores for the later stages of the game? Do you believe Leshrac or Necrophos can carry the team in matches lasting more than 50 minutes? Please share in the comments section at the end of the post.

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