Hearthstone: Hero Paladin new coming next week, login game to get Golden Card in Hallow’s End

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It’s the Headless Rider’s favorite time of year, and he’ll be returning to Hearthstone’s tavern from October 17 to October 31 to host Hallow’s End once again for all!

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Attractive rewards

The Headless Rider offers spooky bonuses when you log in! Log in between October 17 and October 31 for a free ring of the golden Witch’s Cauldron and a ticket to the Arena.


Arena Hallow’s End in carnival

In Hallow’s End, you can experience Arena dual class (two classes) with a little surprise: Nine traditional Hearthstone heroes will have their own skins!


When starting a new Arena in Hallow’s End, you’ll choose Hero, then Hero Power, and the cards given will come from BOTH of those classes, along with neutral cards. And don’t forget, you’ll get free Arena tickets when you sign in, so there’s no reason to skip them!

2 Tavern Brawlers!

Monster Smash is a special Tavern Brawl Hallow’s End that takes place from October 17 to October 22.

Clever monster hunters avoid the spooky woods of Hallow’s End, so the ghastly creatures of Witchwood take this opportunity to find out who is the strongest of them all! Take control of a monster from The Witchwood’s Monster Hunt roster to take on a single-player quest and enter the competition!

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The Headless Rider is once again appearing in the Tavern Brawl Hallow’s End special that runs from October 24 to 29.

The Headless Rider is constantly robbing the countryside, and it’s up to you to stop him! You will have to disguise to catch him by surprise – after Brawl starts, you will be able to use Discover, choose what outfit to wear. Each skin has its own deck that includes cards from multiple classes and a Hero Power passive that you need if you want to drown out the sinister specter!


Bundle Hallow! Hallow!

While the Witchwood creatures make a splash, and the frightened inhabitants of Hallow’s End, Sir Annoy-o remains unchanged! Let’s say HELLO! HELLO! HELLO with this new Paladin hero and get 20 The Witchwood card packs to your collection with the purchase of the Hallow Bundle! Hallow!



Also, don’t forget to stop by the Fireside Gatherings Taverns near you in Hallow’s End to get the Nemsy Necrofizzle hero!

*NOTE: If you are running an Arena when Hallow’s End starts on October 17th, this Arena will be discontinued and you will receive the normal rewards for wins attached a free Arena ticket. Hours before the Hallow’s End event begins on October 17 and ends on October 31, the purchase of new Arena tickets will be temporarily disabled.

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